GasComTrade guarantees disruption-free gas supply

We are a reliable partner for our clients and their businesses, as we source gas from top producers.

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    We approach partnerships on a case-by-case basis, always putting our clients first, with on-the-fly adjustment of consumption volumes, flexible payment options, and no swing charges.

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    Our entire natural gas supply chain is totally transparent, enabling us to offer contracts of any complexity and terms.

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    Developing our capabilities and our team's expertise, upholding high standards of partnership, we invest in a stronger natural gas market and the Ukrainian energy industry overall. It is our conviction that every market operator can influence their country's economic growth.

Importing and selling
natural gas

With dozens of international partners, flexibility as to the payment form and terms, and broad options when it comes to supplying gas, GasComTrade is an advantageous and reliable partner for your business.